General requirements and information

  1. The pricing of an advertisement in Õhtuleht is based on the CPM model. CPM (cost per mille) means that the advertisement has been loaded 1,000 times.

  2. Õhtuleht’s website supports advertisements in GIF, JPG, PNG, MP4 and HTML formats. We also accept third party serving codes. The content served by these codes has to meet all the requirements listed on this page.

  3. The size of the advertisement file cannot exceed 100 KB, unless there is a specific agreement. The file size for the video advertisement cannot exceed 2 MB, unless there is a specific agreement.

  4. Õhtuleht reserves the right to reject an advertisement if its content does not comply with current legislation, is illegal, improper, misleading, offensive or too similar to Õhtuleht’s design.

  5. Õhtuleht does not take any responsibility for the quality of the products and services advertised on its sites.

  6. Õhtuleht discloses statistics to the client during the campaign and for one month after the end of the campaign.

  7. Õhtuleht does not take any responsibility for the lawfulness of the advertisements displayed on its sites. The client is obliged to check that their advertisements published in Õhtuleht comply with current legislation and, when placing an order, the client confirms that in the case of a violation of the law, they will cover all costs incurred.

Advertising etiquette

  1. The advertisement must not be misleading. For example, this also means that the banner should not resemble the dialogue boxes of Windows/Mac/Unix, error messages, etc.

  2. The advertisement must not resemble the content of Õhtuleht.

  3. Advertisements should not include elements simulating interactivity such as drop-down menus, search boxes, etc. if the banner does not actually have such functionality.

  4. The design of the advertisement must not imitate news headlines in their design or tone, they must not be written in third person or as raising a topic.

  5. Adding cookies to the computer of a user through the advertisement without prior agreement is forbidden.

  6. Õhtuleht has the right to remove from their environment any Õhtuleht users and/or any advertisements damaging or disrupting user functionality.

  7. Õhtuleht will not publish banners with frames that rotate, blink or shake faster than once a second.

Submission deadlines for advertisements

  1. The submission deadline for a standard advertisement is at least 1 working day before the beginning of the campaign.

  2. The submission deadline for an interactive advertisement (Rich Media, HTML, third party trackers, special solutions) is 2 working days before the beginning of the campaign. If the materials are sent to Õhtuleht later, an exact starting time cannot be guaranteed for the campaign.

Technical requirements for HTML5 advertisements

    1. An HTML advertisement must be in the correct .html format and all HTML, CSS and JavaScript functions can be used which work in all common browsers. The code of the advertisement must be compiled without console errors.

    2. The advertisement must not include images, JS, CSS or other files outside of the .zip container sent to Õhtuleht (except CDNs).

    3. Elements of an image used in the advertisement should preferably be sprited from one file.

    4. An HTML advertisement must contain at least one clickTag. There are two steps for adding it:
      Add the following code between the <head></head> TAGs:
      • <script src=""></script><script> var clickTag = "" </script>
      • If there is one clickTag, add it to the <body> TAG as follows:
        <body onclick=", '_blank')"></body>
        In the case of several different clickTags, add them to the various elements as follows:
        <div onclick="'CUSTOM_URL_1'), '_blank')"></div><div onclick="'CUSTOM_URL_2'), '_blank')"></div>
    5. Tracking pixels and codes can be added inside the HTML advertisements. Keep in mind that the tracking code is activated later (after the advertisement is displayed), which means that the statistics of views might differ. Payments are settled according to Õhtuleht’s advertising server (DoubleClick for Publishers by Google).
    6. HTML advertisements created with tools (Edge, Swiffy, GWD) must also meet the requirements set out above.

Sitehat / Wallpaper

  1. Sitehat is made up by header and background.
  2. Header width is 1060px ja height accordingly for purchased product 200px, 300px or 400px.
  3. Background sizes are 1920x1200 px. It is important to acknolage that on a smaller devices whole background is not visible. So background should be image or pattern.
  4. Suitable file types are .jpg, .png, .mp4 and .html.
  5. It is possible to send background as one file (only background). In this case header area is transparent and background file is visible.
  6. Max allowed total files size is 300KB.
  7. Click here to see the example



    1. Siteheader is made up by two parts: 1) Large (on top) 2) Small (sticky part)
    2. Large part sizes are 1060x200/300/400 px and small part sizes are 1060x100 px.
    3. If you would like the ad to be with screen width, then it is possible to send image file with width of 1920 or HTML which width is 100%. Height still remains to 200, 300 or 400px. Additionally it is required to place logos and other important parts to center area so it is in center 1060x200/300/400 px area.
    4. Suitable file types are .jpg, .png, .mp4 and .html.

    5. Max allowed file size is 300KB.
    6. Click here to see the example


  1. Dimensions of a pagebreak are 1920 x 1080 px (in the case of HTML 100% x 100%).

  2. File types .jpg, .png, .mp4 and .html are suitable for a pagebreak.

  3. Max allowed file size is 300KB.

Splash banners

  1. A splash banner contains two parts: small part (visible in normal view) and large part (visible when opened).

  2. When a user moves across the advertisement with a mouse, a second counter (3 seconds) will be activated in the middle of the advertisement and the advertisement will open when the counter reaches zero.


  1. A scroller can be a .png, .gif, .jpg, .html file, sized 1200 x 35/50 px.

  2. In the case of image files, the advertisement moves from the right to the left. In the case of HTML, there is no movement.

Mobile sticky

  1. A mobile sticky ad can be a .png, .gif, .jpg, .html file, sized 600 x 100 px (in the case of HTML 100% x 100%).

  2. The advertisement is responsive, i.e. from one edge of the screen to the other. In the case of image files, the image is scaled down respectively (e.g. if the width of the mobile screen is 300 px, the advertisement will be reduced to the size 300 x 50 px). In the case of an HTML file, the advertisement must be responsive, i.e. sized 100% x 100%, aspect ratio 6:1.

Gallery banner

  1. A gallery banner can be a .png, .gif, .jpg, .mp4, .html file, sized 300 x 250 px.

  2. There is an ad after every 7 image.
  3. This format is visible in all devices.

Video banner

  1. The format for a video banner is MP4 and it is recommended to keep the video on the server of Õhtuleht but create a container with the desired appearance. We ask that you send us the video file and after uploading it to our server, we will send the creator of the banner the file location.

  2. Requirements for the video file:
    Video resolution: 1280 x 720 px
    Video format: mp4/h264 (profile: Baseline, Level: 3.1, Keyframe: 1 s)
    Video FPS: 25
    Video BitRate: 1,500 (recommended maximum)
    Audio format: Mp3
    Audio Sample Rate: 44,100
    Audio BitRate: 64 kbps (recommended)
    Audio Channels: mono (recommended) 

  3. If the video is intended for pre-roll:
    Video resolution: 646 x 363 px
    Video format: mp4/h264 (profile: Baseline, Level: 3.1, Keyframe: 1 s) 30 s

Additional information:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +372 614 4100