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Õhtuleht sitehat

Sitehat / Wallpaper

Sitehat is one of the most powerful advertising products of Õhtuleht. This gives an advertising client the possibility to have the entire Õhtuleht in their own colours, making it ideal for brand and image advertising.

1280x200 px + background 1920x1200 px | 41,25 € CPM
1280x300 px + background 1920x1200 px | 41,25 € CPM
1280x400 px + background 1920x1200 px | 41,25 € CPM
1280x... px + background 1920x1200 px + window 900px | 57,50 € CPM
The average viewability of this advertisement product is 95%.
NB! For more information on the single file option, please read the technical requirements.

Technical requirements

Õhtuleht siteheader


Siteheader is a good alternative to Sitehat. Its advantage over Sitehat is that when the user scrolls down the page, it is possible to continue displaying your message to the user.

1280x200 + 1280x100 px | 41,25 € CPM
1280x300 + 1280x100 px | 41,25 € CPM
1280x400 + 1280x100 px | 41,25 € CPM
1920x1080 + 1920x100 px | 75,00 € CPM

The average viewability of this advertisement product is 95%.
NB! Full-screen Siteheader is displayed to the user 1x per day.
Technical requirements



You need a large space to get your message across? Pagebreak is the largest space of Õhtuleht, covering the user's entire screen at once when scrolling, making Pagebreak a great way to promote the brand and image of the product.

In desktop 1920x1080 px | 37,50 € CPM
In mobile 1080x1920 px | 37,50 € CPM
Technical requirements

Õhtuleht sisubänner


Billboard is the most widely used advertising product in Õhtuleht. As the advertisement appears in between the content, it is highly visible.

1250x200 px | 22,50 € CPM
1250x300 px | 22,50 € CPM
1250x400 px | 22,50 € CPM
1250x... + window 1250x600 px | 25,00 € CPM
The average viewability of this advertising product is 70%.
NB! For Billboard, narrower alternatives (e.g. 1200x300, 1000x300) are also suitable.

Technical requirements

Õhtuleht tornbänner


Skyscraper is the second most popular product of Õhtuleht. The reason is its cost-effectiveness. This product allows an advertising client to be in the picture on a large scale and at all times. In addition, when scrolling, the skyscprapers move together with the view and as a result, their viewability rate is high.

300x300 px | 11,25 € CPM
300x600 px | 11,25 € CPM
300x600 + window 600x600 px | 12,50 € CPM
The average viewability of this advertising product is 75%.
Technical requirements

Õhtuleht ribabänner


Sticky appears on top of other content at the bottom of the screen. Sticky animates by scrolling from right to left, which attracts attention and is therefore well suited for making a call to action or generating a quick sale. It is a flexible banner that can be displayed on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile).

1200x35 px | 25,00 € CPM
1200x50 px | 25,00 € CPM
Technical requirements

Õhtuleht nurgabänner

Sticky Box (bottom left corner)

Sticky Box (bottom left corner) appears in the bottom left corner of the screen. It is one of the most aggressive advertising products, which is why click-through and other performance indicators are very good.

300x250 px | 30,00 € CPM
Technical requirements

Õhtuleht galeriibänner

Interstitial (gallery)

Interstitial (gallery) appears in galleries after every seventh image. This advertising product works particularly well with visual products and advertisements. The advertisement is visible in mobile, as well as laptop.

1920x1080 | 20,00 € CPM
Technical requirements

Mobile Siteheader

Mobile Siteheader is the most powerful mobile advertising product of Õhtuleht and works on the same principle as Desktop Siteheader. When the user moves down the page, the message will continue to be displayed to the user.

600x250 + 600x100 px | 25,00 € CPM
Technical requirements

Interstitial (mobile)

The full-screen in the mobile version of Õhtuleht is the most aggressive space displayed to readers before content is loaded. The banner closes automatically after 10 seconds, but can also be closed by the user via a button.

650x890 px | 62,50 € CPM
NB! Interstitial (mobile) is displayed to the user 1x hour.
Technical requirements

Rectangle (mobile)

Rectangle (mobile) is a standard product on mobile devices, where users are spending more and more time using them during their waiting time (on the bus, in a shop, in a restaurant...). As a result, click-through rates and visibility are generally better on mobile.

600x500 px | 22,50 € CPM
The average viewability of this advertising product is 75%.
Technical requirements

Sticky (mobile)

Similar to a PC, a sticky can also be used in a mobile. On mobile, this product is also suitable as a call to action and as a support to quick sales.

600x100 px | 25,00 € CPM
Technical requirements

Õhtuleht sisuturundus

Content marketing

Advertising isn’t really your style? It’s also possible to be featured in Õhtuleht with (tagged) advertising articles. This is a good way to provide potential clients with longer, more meaningful and useful information. In addition, we offer the possibility to make a content marketing video.

Content marketing article on the front page | 1200 €
Content marketing article in a block | 500 €
Content marketing video | 2000 €
Content marketing block on a banner space | 20,00 € CPM
Content marketing block on the front page | 9000 €
Technical requirements

Õhtuleht pre-roll

Video advertising

Video advertising in Õhtuleht makes it possible to use advertising clips produced for television also on the web. The advertisement runs as a pre-roll before the video you want to watch starts.

1–30 seconds | 75,00 € CPM
Technical requirements

User-based targeting

As an additional service, we offer the possibility to target your advertising to different segments. For targeting, €3.00 CPM will be added to the unit price. For more information about segments read here

Designing advertisements

As an additional service, you can order advertisement design for €35. Based on your input, our designers will create a design solution with the necessary advertising files.

Writing a content marketing article

As an additional service, you can order a content marketing article from us. Based on your input, a story of the right format and length is created. The price for writing and editing an article is €100.

  • * Value added tax is added to all prices.
  • * When targeting advertisement to specific portals, a targeting fee of €3 CPM will be added.

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